Fabulous Day Four!!

BRING $5 CASH - For our Friday Football Rehearsal Dinner!!

CHARMS - Today...Put in your schedule and Teacher E-mails

PICTURES - Continue today in English Classes!

SOM - Sound Of Music - Audition Materials & Information Available HERE tomorrow.

...Make it a GREAT Day 4 Vocal Dawgs!!


Day 3...Pictures & Prep for Friday!!

Remember today is PICTURE DAY through your English class.

Remember to go to CHARMS...and update or enter your INFORMATION.

Mrs. BARNES will be here today!!! [YEAH!!]

AND tell your parents about Mrs. Rose and your desire for Voice Lesssons!!

"Make it a Great day" of ATTITUDE ~ APTITUDE ~ ARTISTRY!!



Wow...Welcome to Day 2!

Day 1 was a great success...overwhelming even! :)

Day 2 will be more of the same!!  See the Lesson Plan under Student Info!

1st Performance = FRIDAY Night Football!  See Calendar for more details!

Get Your Orange Shirt Ready to Sing!!


Welcome to the 1st Day!!

This is the 1st day of the most exciting year yet...for McKinney North...and the NORTH CHOIR!!

Go to Student Info...then, Lesson Plans...for a look at the details of the day.

Remember...we take choir pictures the first look sharp!! :)



Veteran's T-Shirt Approved 

Here is the Veteran's Memorial T-Shirt Design!!  Special Thanks to everyone for your input; ideas; and discussions to begin this project.

Special Thanks to Katie Bishop for producing the drawing sketch that produced this amazing T-Shirt.

Special Thanks to Mrs. Garrett too, who provided the color graphic that we sent to NTX Sports & Embroidery.

And finally, Thanks to NTX Sports and Embroidery for producing the T-Shirt for us.

What an amazing team project!!  Now we will need everyone to get the word out to sell these T-Shirts.  More on how to do that soon.










   FRONT of T-SHIRT                     BACK of T-SHIRT