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Congrats to our Region Qualifiers

Mixed Choir (Pre Area Candidates)

Courtney Benner - Mixed Choir (Pre Area Candidate)

Emma Gray - Mixed Choir (Pre Area Candidate)

Josh Fry - Mixed Choir (Pre Area Candidate)

Brandon Lange - MIxed Choir (Pre Area Candidate)

Edmond Garbin - MIxed Choir (Pre Area Candidate)

Collin Healer - Mixed Choir (Pre Area Candidate)

Isaiah Patterson - Mixed Choir (Pre Area Candidate)

Brennan Welch Mixed Choir (Pre Area Candidate)

Cameron Ho - Mixed Choir (Pre Area Candidate)

Treble Choir

Taryn Lackey - Treble Choir

Tristyn Purcell - Treble Choir

Sophia Curren - Treble Choir

Hailey Stevens - Treble Choir

Melanie Fuhrmann - Treble Choir

Elizabeth Plascencia - Treble Choir

Jordan Begala - Treble Choir

Honor Choir

Whitney Hutto - Honor Choir

Sariah Bushnell - Honor Choir

Brayden Kenealy - Honor Choir

Sebastian Arouca - Honor Choir

Tristen Gentry - Honor Choir

Parker Jones - Honor Choir

Jacob Sherrod - Honor Choir

Adam Dering - Honor Choir (1st alternate to Mixed Choir)

Kyle Huber - Honor Choir

Michael Meredith - Honor Choir

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